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101 Goals in 1001 Days

Start date: 01/01/2011
Deadline date: 28/09/2014

1. Run the GNR for charity (Ran 2012)
2. Read 50 books 16/50 (The Notebook, The Secret, The Pact, House Rules, Jurassic Park, The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Dexter in the Dark, Dexter by Design, Matilda, Perfect Match, The Power,)
3. Learn to play guitar
4. Visit America COMPLETED
5. Have 100 followers of my blog
6. Finish decorating my room COMPLETED
7. Dip dye my hair teal COMPLETED 28/09/2014
8. Climb a mountain
9. Get back into horse riding COMPLETED
10. See 100 films I haven't seen before - 100/100 (Carrie, Due Date, Burlesque, The Blind Side, Catch Me If You Can, The Rebound, I am Number Four, War Horse, Happy Feet, 127 Hours, Geek Charming, Saw 6, Music and Lyrics, Final Destination 5, Paranormal Activity 3, In Time, The Longest Yard, Victor Victoria, Abduction, Robots, New Year's Eve, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Sket, Trust, Hatchi, The Devil Inside, 21 Jump Street, 50/50, Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanmo Bay, Time to Kill, A very Harold and Kumar Christmas, Avengers Assemble, Chasing Liberty, Zombieland, The Hunger Games, A Perfect Getaway, Twilight Eclipse, Lol, She's out of my league, Empire Records, Radio Rebel, No Vacancy, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, It's a Boy Girl Thing, Mirrors, Youth in Revolt, Untraceable, One Day, Adventureland, Taken 2, Rock of Ages, Young Adult, Breaking Dawn part 1, Breaking Dawn part 2, What's your number?, The Hangover, The Hangover part 2, The Adjustment Bureau, Big Miracle, Deathwish, How do you know?, Happy Feet 2, Your Highness, Mr Stink, Big, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Martha Marcy May Marlene, 500 Days of Summer, Beautiful Creatures, Tremors, Pitch Perfect, The Hobbit: An unexpected journey, The Wedding Planner, Unstoppable, Django, Sliding Doors, The Evil Dead, Case 39, The Decent part 2, The Bling Ring, Fight Club, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Buried, Blue Jasmine, Princess Protection Program, We're the Millers, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Despicable Me 2, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2, The Bird Cage, Good Morning Vietnam, Goon, Frozen, Bad Neighbours, The Other Woman, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Graduate) COMPLETED
11. Visit Paris
12. Start a tumblr COMPLETED
13. And post something everyday for a year
14. Visit the Lake District COMPLETED 8/09/2012
15. Get my own car
16. And go on a road trip
17. Do volunteer work COMPLETED (Started at Stepney Bank Stables 26/03/2012)
18. Build up my portfolio
19. Get a better sewing machine COMPLETED
20. Make 10 garments for myself
21. Make 10 garments for my friends
22. Reconnect with friends I've lost touch with
23. Have 500 followers on Twitter
24. Organise a fundraiser
25. Be able to do the splits again, all ways.
26. Be able to touch my forehead with my feet, again
27. Be able to do a back flip, and somersault
28. Have 500 followers of my blog
29. Learn to play piano
30. Eat no take-aways, fast food, junk food (chocolate, crisps & sweets) for six months Started 01/02/2012 COMPLETED!
31. Go on a surfing break in the UK
32. Own a pair of Rayban wayfarers
33. Go to a fashion show COMPLETED
34. Meet someone famous
35. Have a celebrity wear something I have designed
36. Organise a christmas event
37. Visit 10 cities in the UK 3/10 (London, York, Hull)
38. Graduate from University COMPLETED
39. Find out my blood type COMPLETED (B NEGATIVE)
40. Donate blood 25/01/2013 COMPLETED
41. See the Northern Lights MILD EXPERIENCE (need photographic proof)
42. Take yoga classes
43. Learn Spanish
44. Try 20 foods that I have never had before 9/20 (Mushy Peas, Tzatziki Sauce, Beef Stifado, Chicken Souvlaki, Cannoli's, French Toast, Squid, Brisket, Mac & Cheese)
45. Knit something wearable
46. Sell something that I have designed
47. Find and own the perfect satchel bag
48. Go to a fashion week GFW 2012 COMPLETED
49. Show at Graduate Fashion Week (only get one chance at this)
50. Visit 15 art galleries 1/15 (The Met)
51. Be somewhere that isn't Newcastle for New Year COMPLETED (NEW YORK 2013)
52. Play tennis in Leazes Park x 10
53. Go vegetarian for three months
54. Drink nothing but water for one month
55. Visit Thailand
56. Have 1000 followers of my blog
57. Write a children's book with my friends
58. Own a designer handbag
59. Host a dinner party
60. Learn to make a balti curry from scratch COMPLETED
61. Eat out at 20 different places (not fast food) 20/20 (Nancy's Bordello - Newcastle, Marco Polo - Newcastle, Salsa Cafe - Newcastle, Habita - Newcastle, Uno's - Newcastle, Elia - Zakynthos, Apollo 2 - Zakynthos, Memories- Zakynthos, Poseidon- Zakynthos, Taj Mahal & Golden Dragon - Zakynthos, Dionysus- Zakynthos, Ambrosia - Zakynthos, Mangosteen Thai - London, Sambuca's - Newcastle, Jane - NYC, Santos Anne - NYC, Mable's Smokehouse - NYC, Beechers - NYC, Amici II - NYC, Fonda - NYC) COMPLETED
62. Prepare a Sunday dinner for my family, from scratch, without any help
63. Pick berries and make my own wine
64. Go on a picnic
65. Go on a bike ride COMPLETED
66. Be able to swim 20 lengths without stopping
67. Be able to run the GNR without stopping
68. Go camping
69. Go to a music festival COMPLETED - Warped Tour 2014
70. See 10 music acts that I have never seen before 10/10 (Sound of Guns, Four Year Strong, Less than Jake, Mike Herrera, Anthony Raneri, We the Kings, Bowling for Soup, Mixtapes, Story So Far, Daylight) COMPLETED
71. See a comedian COMPLETED
72. Don't buy myself anything for three months
73. Make £100 on Ebay selling my unwanted clothes COMPLETED - £105.21
74. Donate £100 to charity
75. Do a car boot sale as a seller COMPLETED
76. Attend a car boot sale as a buyer/browser
77. Visit Amsterdam
78. Ride in a hot air balloon
79. Do work experience for a magazine
80. Give my blog a proper make over 
81. Win a competition
82. Finish my grandma's scrapbook
83. Plan a surprise party for someone
84. Host a giveaway on my blog
85. Have something I have created featured somewhere
86. Own a beautiful rose gold wrist watch COMPLETED
87. Learn how to play chess, and remember how
88. Own a pair of tartan trousers COMPLETED
89. Go to the pantomime
90. Take dancing lessons
91. Do karaoke COMPLETED
92. See a show in the west end, twice! 2/2 (Rock of Ages, Phantom of the Opera) COMPLETED
93. Visit a spa COMPLETED 01/08/2012
94. Swim with sharks
95. Get a facial
96. Swim with dolphins
97. Get a new piercing
98. Learn Finnish
99. Get a tattoo
100. Plant a tree
101. Inspire someone else to create a 101 goals in 1001 days list COMPLETED

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